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Strategy is a must–have for complex products or complicated niches. The strategy could provide data–driven answers to critical questions. Who is our customer, how does he make decisions, and what channels does he prefer? How to lure him in and how to present the product with radiance? What are our competitor's strengths and weaknesses, and how can we disassociate ourselves from them? How much will all this cost and what results will be achieved? 

Digital strategy

Niche, audience and business research, value proposition and CJM. Step–by–step promotion plan, budgets, KPIs. 

Digital analytics

Niche, audience and business research, value proposition and CJM. Step–by–step promotion plan, budgets, KPIs. 


Roadmap for delivering a value proposition to target audiences in social networks: communication strategy, editorial plan, KPIs and budget structure.

A strategy allows us to formulate a compelling value proposition right from the start, explore the most effective tools and channels for our niche, study competitors’ strategies in depth, and find the best practice in our niche. And to set up effective approaches for clients, to understand what investments are needed in digital and how these investments will pay off.


Digital strategy defines:

  • Product: value proposition, positioning, differentiation from competitors.
  • Target audience: portraits, insights, triggers, relevant channels.
  • Customer journey map (CJM).
  • Content: messages, offers, topics and content formats.
  • Website: structure, content, functionality, integrations.
  • Promotion: channels, platforms, KPI – target actions, metrics.

Having a strategy means having answers to all key questions related to digital promotion:

  1. How to find our customers and what messages should we share with them?
  2. What should the digital marketing system be to meet your business's challenges?
  3. How much money should be spent (and on what specifically) to achieve predicted results?
  4. Plus, let's do the timeline – a step–by–step action plan to achieve the expected results with projects list and budgets on a monthly basis.
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We fall in love with your business. We are obssessed with clear understanding your product, market and rivals. Thus we can arrive at decisions that allow us to become №1 in highly competitive market segments.
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We are fully interested in specifics of your business
We perfectly understand and know how to work in digital
We look at the whole project picture, not only at current tasks
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We are not limited by formal goals (visitors, views), we work for sales growth and investment return. We are constantly striving to increase conversion (we set up micro goals, track, analyze, test).
We work in-house. You get a single responsible contractor for solving all digital issues. We are good at images, words, and mathematics.
We give impetus to changes in your business. We will help you see growth points. We will be happy to share our expertise, industry experience and best practices.

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