New Tea: #1 industry leader by all metrics in 2 years

In our focus was to built a profitable multichannel marketing system that fulfills the sales plan. As the result, New Tea has become No. 1 in the niche – the flagship that competitors are trying to catch up.
Tea digital
We’re attracting customers at the all sales funnel stages: from acquaintance to the first purchase, from purchase to a loyal customer and further - repeating sales, upsells and an increasing in the average check.
Annual doubling of business turnover
The average monthly number of transactions has increased over 2.5 years
Growing from 0 to Undisputed Industry Leader in SEO
  • Campaigns scaling and new channels connecting
  • Search, Dynamic Search, E-commerce Campaigns, Remarketing, and Dynamic Remarketing
  • Advanced e-commerce
  • ROMI-driven marketing model
trigger (automatic) and regular; segmentation.
product development and advertising campaigns.
Seasonal / holiday activities
From idea to multichannel campaigns: Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day, Women's Day and niche holidays.
New products launch
Product development and promotion for B2B and B2C segments - corporate gifts, horeca, tea infuser, etc.
Head of the agency
An engagement that everyone has benefited from
It turned out to achieve outstanding results due not only to the work of our team, but also to the deep client process involvement. As we dived deep into the tea business (by the way, as a result we became if not professional tee testers then definitely fans of good tea) so the client dived deeply into digital marketing. He wanted not results only – although this is primarily – but also a clear understanding of how everything works and how we plan to achieve ambitious goals. Everyone benefited from this involvement: we got a client who charged us with new ideas, and the client achieved the best result possible.
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