digital marketing

We solve any problems: from strategy to digital turnkey, turning efficiency to the maximum and systematically generating profit.
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We create additional business value using digital tools. We integrate digital marketing into business and marketing strategies in the configuration that will most effectively meet business challenges.еса.

We monitor ROMI on a daily basis, fulfill the set KPIs for leads / sales / coverage and rearrange the bar higher.

PPC contextual and targeted advertising
Let's clean up the PPC. We will increase profitability and bring to the desired sales volume. We’ll launch new channels, ensure and maintain profitability.

Jewelry work with advertising channels Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter.

Еnd-to-end analytics

Make decisions based on real business KPI customers, transactions, income, profit, profitability, not synthetic metrics.impressions, clicks, CTR, leads, CPL, time on site, new order (instead of completed order), etc. We highlight advertising spends to the depth of each click and the generated profit. Marketing team receives a clear benchmark – an indicator of profitability. We create an automated online dashboard based on business indicators for all digital channels.

Search Engine Optimization
Leave search competitors far behind. We will bring the site to No. 1 for targeted queries. Turnkey.

We’re going to polish the technical settings, work out all the relevant semantics, create content, build a reliable link profile and take care of SEO traffic conversion.

We gather the target audience of your brand, get involved and remember, bring value, turn neutral observers into brand fans and active buyers.
Email marketing
We turn mailings into effective sales tool including triggered and regular mailings, welcome chains, upsells, feedback collection, abandoned carts, email remarketing and much more.
Content management
Entrust us with the creation of key content products – image-making, valuable, those what set your business apart from competitors, convert a reader into a buyer, evoke emotions and are remembered.
Reputation Marketing
Regular reputation audit. We maintain a high ranking and work with client stories (positive–negative).
Marketing automation
We do automation of routine tasks in marketing, analysis, sales and create an ideal customer journey (notifications, reminders, follow–ups, upsells, reviews, recommendations, tips for the seller). Also we do data synchronization between IT and marketing systems.
Automated funnels
We create an automated sales tunnels through chatbots and E-mail. We develop the entire communication chain turnkey: lead magnet, test product, main product

We are working on improving web–tools throughout their entire life cycle. Refinements, improvements, optimization, filling – everything that may be required for active growth and business development.

We solve brand perfomance* Attracting an audience with an active need. The user must take an action. and scope* Engaging the audience without an active need. The user must remember the brand and category. tasks in digital

  1. Strategy and action plan. We create a value proposition for your brand and analyze the market, niche, competitors, best cases. We make estimates and forecasts according to KPI, draw up a plan for key marketing projects and content strategy.
  2. Creation and development of digital marketing assets. We’ll become a partner in digital, for which it’s just enough to set a goal and we will suggest a way of implementation and ensure the maximum result. Due to more than 15 years of expertise in working with digital channels and tools, we implement development, design, copywriting, SEO, PPC at the senior level.
  3. System work from day to day. We look at the project in a complex way and work with the buyer at all stages of CJM: from ignorance to acquaintance, from the first purchase to a loyal buyer, stimulating repeat sales. Every day we work scrupulously on all selected channels, monitor and improve performance. We automate marketing processes, scale channels and fight for results, focusing on profitability.
  4. Analytics and transparency. We open your eyes to key indicators implementing automated KPI reports. We keep tracking everything important and everything that could be important. We work with open-audited budgets. All reports are available online.
Our approach is
a deep dive
into your business
We fall in love with your business. We are obssessed with clear understanding your product, market and rivals. Thus we can arrive at decisions that allow us to become №1 in highly competitive market segments.
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impact and drive

from working with our
We are fully interested in specifics of your business
We perfectly understand and know how to work in digital
We look at the whole project picture, not only at current tasks
We do business transparently and flexibly
We get
We are not limited by formal goals (visitors, views), we work for sales growth and investment return. We are constantly striving to increase conversion (we set up micro goals, track, analyze, test).
We work in-house. You get a single responsible contractor for solving all digital issues. We are good at images, words, and mathematics.
We give impetus to changes in your business. We will help you see growth points. We will be happy to share our expertise, industry experience and best practices.

Get a transparent digital marketing system focused on the right KPIs – income and profit