URSA Heat efficiency calculator

A step-by-step tool for choosing a heater for each of the house designs. As a result, the user receives a detailed calculation of the thermal insulation effectiveness and recommendations for the materials choice.
Everything is great, but what exactly will I save and when will the investment in thermal insulation pays off? Now the answer can be received in a few minutes. Choose your area of residence (this is important), house parameters and insulation options. On the last step, you can play with the isolation parameters and see how this affects the final numbers.
Development of a mathematical model and software architecture
The calculator has become the second most visited section on the site after the main one
3d models of constructions with URSA mineral insulation
The head of the Agency
The project on which all the mathematics of the university course came in handy
For a while, I had to change my specialty to a heat-insulating engineer in order to correctly develop a mathematical model that would correctly process all the data. Do you know how the thermal conductivity (λ) is calculated? And I didn't know.
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