Online store

While developing the website we had a goal to make it the best online store of tea at that time. Therefore we put in a lot of efforts and worked out each element that affect conversion starting from UI/UX to copywriting.
Despite the importance of philosophy, technical things are also extremely important for ecommerce of such an inspiring brand as NewTea. Deep analysis and monitoring of user behavior allowed us to continuously optimize interfaces and achieve greater conversion.
Extended e-commerce and orders managing
Integration with product aggregators and distribution services
Persogram for all occasions, taking tea,
purchases on the site and other situations.
Faceted navigation
Power BI
Discount system and promotion of upsells
Promo HTML-blocks
for stocks and goods
300+ products and articles written by our copywriters
No one traditional tea commodity categorizer gives an answer to the question "What to brew if it is a snowy winter evening and you want to watch a TV series?" or "What do you need to do something impossible?" But the tea selector from NewTea will answer and advice the most suitable type of tea for such a case
The head of the Agency
The ideal website is not about achieving one goal, it is about continuous improvement process
If you need to constantly improve your business performance and bypass your competitors, it is unacceptable for you to roll out a great website and repose on your laurels. Except to calm down. The website NewTea at the time of launch was the most convenient and pleasant in its niche in Ukraine. It raised the bar, and the competition started to tighten up, but users started getting used to it. These challenges left us with the only winning strategy, namely, continue to evolve and very fast.