Insulation product promotion campaign

How about introducing millions of people to URSA's core products?
But what if there are several products and ways to use them? What is the best way to connect a person and the product that he needs now? We decided to personalize the suggestions and fit them into the user's context.
16 Landing Pages
We have developed a separate landing page for each segment of the campaign. So, a user who clicked on the banner with the question "Are you insulating a flat roof?" ended up on a page dedicated to this type of insulation and the necessary URSA product for this.

We have significantly reduced the cost of creating such landing pages by using a single template and only customizing it for the desired message and product.
We developed all the necessary prototypes and content – texts and graphics, including 3d
Created a template platform for quick deployment of customized landing pages
The head of the Agency
We turned to users who were choosing building materials for the construction of a private house and offered URSA title products
The proposals have been personalized as much as possible depending on the application of the thermal insulation. This allowed us to offer the user exactly what he needs "in this moment". Therefore, the transitions and interactions on the landing pages were of the highest quality.
Our tactic was the maximum segmentation according to the ways of using the products. In each of the channels, it was necessary to set up the most relevant targeting so that users would see our offer at the peak of their interest. We set up events and tracked key metrics in analytics. This helped us adjust campaigns and achieve KPIs throughout the process.
Every sixth user viewed more than 75% of the landing page
More than 5,000 users performed targeted actions
banners resizes and hundreds of text ads for 10 channels of paid traffic
Reaching over 10 million users
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