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In niches with generated demand, SEO allows to get leads 1.5 times cheaper than other promotion channels. Leave a request – we will be happy to do a free analysis and show you what traffic your site can receive, what does it takes and what amount of investment will be required.

SEO for our clients is:

  • No. 1 or No. 2 source of customers from the site
  • one of the most cost-effective digital channels
  • a channel that provides business with market leadership in the long run

We say "SEO" and mean the first positions of the site on search queries relevant to your business in Google or another search engine system. To get these positions, we need to work on the site and link factors comprehensively and methodically. SEO is inertial as a locomotive. It also speeds up slowly (in 3–12 months), but when it gains speed, less fuel is required to maintain the pace. Yes, we have to control rail switches, maintain steam pressure and operate this machine wisely, but now SEO is steadily pulling the train with the lion’s share of sales from digital.

We start with a strategy and study demand, audience, your business model, and what competitors breathe. Evaluate current resources and results. Based on the analysis, we make forecasts and agree with a work plan, key projects and KPIs. Then we need to work, work and work. We carry out the projects thoroughly and achieve the target result for each of them.

The Project Team:

  1. SEO-senior
  2. SEO-middle
  3. SEO linkbuilder
  4. Copywriters
  5. Programmers
  6. Marketing project manager

Our SEO Commitments

  • monthly traffic growth rate
  • number of requests (leads) or income
  • volume of new content per month
  • quality and quantity of link mass
  • bonus and penalty system based on project KPIs

What are the parts of the SEO project budget?

  1. budget for services of SEO-specialists
  2. link building budget
  3. content budget
  4. development budget

SEO in Industrial Media is

  • Successful SEO Cases: # 1 SEO results for websites in their niches
  • Focus on SEO ROI for your business
  • We develop a SEO strategy specifically for your situation
  • We offer solutions that will accelerate the desired result achievement
  • We squeeze the maximum output from the site
  • We carry out all the work on a turnkey basis

We have been working with our customers for years and years. Only two customers have gone from us to competitors because of cosmic vibrations. One returned a year later, the other one – three months later.

Our approach is
a deep dive
into your business
We fall in love with your business. We are obssessed with clear understanding your product, market and rivals. Thus we can arrive at decisions that allow us to become №1 in highly competitive market segments.
Get the full
impact and drive

from working with our
We are fully interested in specifics of your business
We perfectly understand and know how to work in digital
We look at the whole project picture, not only at current tasks
We do business transparently and flexibly

Let's take your business to a leading SEO position in your niche in 12-24 months.