An interactive awareness campaign on thebenefits of insulation

Under the slogan "Save on heating - spend on living", we turned to the audience of private house owners to clearly show them the financial benefits of thermal insulation.
Based on the miscalculations of savings from insulation, we have implemented an interactive game. The user could see what can be purchased with the funds that he will save on heating costs if he completely insulates his house. As you move along the timeline (1-10 years), items become more and more expensive – from a smartphone to climbing Mount Everest.
Interactive configurator with 23 savings levels and 4 item options
Coverage of more than 130,000 in one autumn season in Ukraine
More than 1,500 targeted actions: games, calculations of savings, sending forms, etc.
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Creative director
When the price of gas in Ukraine has tripled, people have become more noticeably interested in how to insulate their homes
But it was not clear to everyone that heat losses, and hence heating costs, that's really colossal sums. So, if you have an uninsulated house, with, like, 150 squares, then in 6-7 years you literally throw out the cost of MBA tuition in some good European school. Our task was to translate abstract economy into something concrete for the audience, the value of which would be more understandable for a person.
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