A corporate style
for the tea brand from scratch

Chinese tea is not a basic necessity. The taste is for connoisseurs, the price is expensive, there are a lot of competitors. Therefore, the identity should help the tea brand to be correctly recognized at any point of contact with a customer.

Branding for the LPG stations network
Well-built business processes, service, cleanliness, perfect order – these are the essence of the Vremya Gaza brand. At each station the client may take a stunning coffee and wait for his car in a comfortable client zone. The identity reflects this atmosphere of care, as well as fire in the hearts and drive of those peoples who work for the company.
for Olga Bondarenko's

There are thousands of dentistries with the word “dent” in their name, wrapped in green or blue. Their chairs do not have time to get cold between patients.

But when a doctor does her job with great love and opens his own business to help patients, the identity should be in the same tone as the values of the doctor.

Tea packaging branding
More than 100 packages for various types of teas in six categories are based on visualization of tea harvesting sites.
installation manual
Stunning 3D visualization of constructions, 3D house and the curtain facade installation guide design at all.
Corporate identity under
the canopy of Canton Tower

A unified and memorable visual identity that allows Easy China Business's voice to sound powerful across all communication channels.