Corporate identity under
the canopy of Canton Tower

A unified and memorable visual identity that allows Easy China Business's voice to sound powerful across all communication channels.

A personal symbol of inspiration for the founder of Easy China Business, an architectural marvel of Guangzhou, Canton Tower is the second tallest TV tower in the world. The contour of this stunning building was inscribed in the original company logo and has been reinterpreted in a new version.
And then we came up with a new hero – Ni-hao Panda. This friendly bear was very useful to us – even where it was about very serious things, it helped to maintain the feeling that doing business with Easy China Business is easy.
40 product category icons, 50 pictograms and full-length illustrations branded graphics set
Identity with a focus on digital – website, smm platforms, creatives
Art director
One picture is better than many letters
Every entrepreneur, if he is a persistent and purposeful person, has this moment when his business grows out of "baby pants". At this point, if not earlier, the understanding comes that an emotional connection with a client is no less important than a good deal. This is the moment when “sell-buy-sell” is replaced by “remember-hit-tie”. It is becoming not enough just to offer the best price and terms. You need additional value, which will allow you to move yourself away from competitors and make customers fall in love with you. Design is one of the key tools that help accomplish this task.
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