New Tea

Distributor of Cool Chinese Tea and Brewing Gadgets
Build a brand and help it become №1 in your industry in all digital metrics (spoiler alert: it worked out)

New Tea: #1 industry leader by all metrics in 2 years

In our focus was to built a profitable multichannel marketing system that fulfills the sales plan. As the result, New Tea has become No. 1 in the niche – the flagship that competitors are trying to catch up.
Tea digital
We’re attracting customers at the all sales funnel stages: from acquaintance to the first purchase, from purchase to a loyal customer and further - repeating sales, upsells and an increasing in the average check.
Annual doubling of business turnover
The average monthly number of transactions has increased over 2.5 years
Growing from 0 to Undisputed Industry Leader in SEO
  • Campaigns scaling and new channels connecting
  • Search, Dynamic Search, E-commerce Campaigns, Remarketing, and Dynamic Remarketing
  • Advanced e-commerce
  • ROMI-driven marketing model
trigger (automatic) and regular; segmentation.
product development and advertising campaigns.
Seasonal / holiday activities
From idea to multichannel campaigns: Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day, Women's Day and niche holidays.
New products launch
Product development and promotion for B2B and B2C segments - corporate gifts, horeca, tea infuser, etc.
Head of the agency
An engagement that everyone has benefited from
It turned out to achieve outstanding results due not only to the work of our team, but also to the deep client process involvement. As we dived deep into the tea business (by the way, as a result we became if not professional tee testers then definitely fans of good tea) so the client dived deeply into digital marketing. He wanted not results only – although this is primarily – but also a clear understanding of how everything works and how we plan to achieve ambitious goals. Everyone benefited from this involvement: we got a client who charged us with new ideas, and the client achieved the best result possible.
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A corporate style
for the tea brand from scratch

Chinese tea is not a basic necessity. The taste is for connoisseurs, the price is expensive, there are a lot of competitors. Therefore, the identity should help the tea brand to be correctly recognized at any point of contact with a customer.

We were for our customer's suggestions that we had to avoid classic Chinese attributes such as red and gold colors and dragons. The traditional Chinese style does not fit the brand that propagates brewing tea in straits by technological devices. Therefore we were inspired by European design, eco, craft and minimalism. Olesya and Zhenya approved the concept at first sight.
Logo is a stylized image of Lu Yu 陸羽, the author of the treatise about tea
application formats:
signboards, stickers,
gift packages
as well as White Label branding
We are focused on points of interaction of the brand with customers
Creative director
Sometimes you get to know the project and a chemistry happens
Our chemistry appeared with a first sip. I can not recall exactly that sip (it seems to me it was Tie Guan Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong), magic took place. We absolutely realized that NewTea has a great future and we wanted to be the part of it. We succeeded in design right away because colors, typography, shapes, icon style were great.
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Online store

While developing the website we had a goal to make it the best online store of tea at that time. Therefore we put in a lot of efforts and worked out each element that affect conversion starting from UI/UX to copywriting.
Despite the importance of philosophy, technical things are also extremely important for ecommerce of such an inspiring brand as NewTea. Deep analysis and monitoring of user behavior allowed us to continuously optimize interfaces and achieve greater conversion.
Extended e-commerce and orders managing
Integration with product aggregators and distribution services
Persogram for all occasions, taking tea,
purchases on the site and other situations.
Faceted navigation
Power BI
Discount system and promotion of upsells
Promo HTML-blocks
for stocks and goods
300+ products and articles written by our copywriters
No one traditional tea commodity categorizer gives an answer to the question "What to brew if it is a snowy winter evening and you want to watch a TV series?" or "What do you need to do something impossible?" But the tea selector from NewTea will answer and advice the most suitable type of tea for such a case
The head of the Agency
The ideal website is not about achieving one goal, it is about continuous improvement process
If you need to constantly improve your business performance and bypass your competitors, it is unacceptable for you to roll out a great website and repose on your laurels. Except to calm down. The website NewTea at the time of launch was the most convenient and pleasant in its niche in Ukraine. It raised the bar, and the competition started to tighten up, but users started getting used to it. These challenges left us with the only winning strategy, namely, continue to evolve and very fast.