The world's first manufacturer of composite roof tiles with headquarters in New Zealand
Introduce the audience to the benefits of using Gerard's cool roofing material

Landing page for
composite roof

There are many reasons to choose Gerard composite roofing tiles. Making it interesting for the user to get to know all of them, removing their objections and helping to imagine how Gerard would look on the roof of his house – all this requires a large, well-designed and very well-done landing page.
Sophisticated custom Landing Page with a configurator by profile types and colors, as well as separate sublanding pages dedicated to the comparison with competitive roof types. Regional clones have been rolled out to major Gerard dealers.
12 blocks with “emotional” and “rational” alternate product stories
3d models of the most popular types of profiles and colors
Creative director
Beautiful product sells itself
When it comes to premium material for suburban housing construction, content and presentation should be mated with the photo. All we had to do was to assemble such an interface and develop such copywriting that would push the visitor to watch again and again.
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installation manual

Stunning 3D visualization of constructions, 3D house and the curtain facade installation guide design at all.
All clear!
10-page web-pdf brochure with printable version to assist with facade installation for both experienced installers and first-time home owners.
Installation instructions, tips and accessories
3D-model of the house, 7 construction models and diagrams
Art Director
The best content useful for the user
Caring customer support at every point of the Customer Journey with useful content is the best investment in customer loyalty. Indeed, for those who first encounter the installation of a curtain facade system, a good instruction is the number one tool. The use of the product and the real acquaintance with the brand begin with it.
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