International company for the organization of wholesale deliveries of goods to 20+ countries of the world with headquarters in Guangzhou
Design an identity and implement a powerful trading platform

EasyConf conference website

Landing page for a commodity business conference. Web. Drive. Goods.
practical conf
The challenge was not only to make the cool site, but also to complete it on time. The New Year holidays fell in the middle of the project, so it wanted to drag us into the abyss of serenity. But nothing came of it. But everything worked out for us.
Turnkey implementation in 1.5 months
Configured end-to-end analytics, goals, micro conversions
Creative director
Those who are engaged in the commodity business do not complain about the lack of educational content
However, finding something really valuable is so difficult – hundreds of webinars, lectures, conferences promising a land of milk and honey, and in the end – argh! and "Buy Our Top Secret Course For $ 1000, Today At Half Price." The organizers of EasyConf attracted real entrepreneurs with successful case studies as speakers. Our task was to make it clear to users that this is about real experience, it’s all about working things. Real business, no bullshit. The organizers and we focused not only on what we say, but also on how we say. Meaningfully. Specifically. Frankly. And xtra-chairs were delivered on the day of the conference.
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website + e-commerce

Trading platform for 10 countries and regions. A powerful tool for scaling and expanding into new markets.
A complex 2-in-1 corporate website and e-commerce portal with the ability to localize all the necessary elements for each of the regions - from currency to the pricing system for individual items and groups of goods. The cost of a specific commodity item is calculated automatically based on the pricing policy for a specific country, shipping costs and associated costs.
icons, pictograms and branded pandas for various sections of the site
Three «multi»:
Geo-definition and
customization of the site for
10+ regions
Products with attributes, products for trial, shipping rates instant calculation
Integration with CRM Bitrix, Unisender e-mail service, trigger mailings
Advanced ecommerce, micro and macro conversions, events, goals, feeds. End-to-End analytics
Advanced functionality for seo-promotion, taking into account international specifics
The head of the Agency
The website had to solve a lot of problems for completely different categories of buyers
But Alpha and Omega of Easy China Business are their regular customers. Therefore, I would like to highlight the complex incentive system developed personally by Dmitry Belousov, the head of the business. Through the functionality of a personal account, we have implemented a system of dynamic discounts and a multi-level pricing policy, depending on the volume and a wide variety of achievements in purchases. That motivates casual buyers to become loyal and loyal customers to increase the size and frequency of purchases.
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Corporate identity under
the canopy of Canton Tower

A unified and memorable visual identity that allows Easy China Business's voice to sound powerful across all communication channels.

A personal symbol of inspiration for the founder of Easy China Business, an architectural marvel of Guangzhou, Canton Tower is the second tallest TV tower in the world. The contour of this stunning building was inscribed in the original company logo and has been reinterpreted in a new version.
And then we came up with a new hero – Ni-hao Panda. This friendly bear was very useful to us – even where it was about very serious things, it helped to maintain the feeling that doing business with Easy China Business is easy.
40 product category icons, 50 pictograms and full-length illustrations branded graphics set
Identity with a focus on digital – website, smm platforms, creatives
Art director
One picture is better than many letters
Every entrepreneur, if he is a persistent and purposeful person, has this moment when his business grows out of "baby pants". At this point, if not earlier, the understanding comes that an emotional connection with a client is no less important than a good deal. This is the moment when “sell-buy-sell” is replaced by “remember-hit-tie”. It is becoming not enough just to offer the best price and terms. You need additional value, which will allow you to move yourself away from competitors and make customers fall in love with you. Design is one of the key tools that help accomplish this task.
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