E-commerce UI / UX for thetea.ua

An e-commerce project that reimagines the online shopping experience for tea connoisseurs. With a focus on the expertise of the tea house founder Roman Bely and the first-person content presentation.
100% tea delight
People come to TheTea for an exclusive tea that has been tasted by the darn few. We decided to relaunch the website and focus on moving the offline buying decision-making process (personal advice from a tea guru, poetics of flavor descriptions) to the website's user interface.
An inspirational resource that spreads the values of TheTea and its founder
Clear and visualized navigation, customized service pages
Separately developed version for mobile devices
Emotional design for promo elements
Product placement "in the spotlight"
Head of the agency
Not an online store that sells tea, but a real tea store
Roman is a passionate and dedicated tea fan. His sincere love for good tea and unprecedented perfectionism defined our approach. Starting from the development of the prototype, we aimed to reveal the soul of tea, its features and differences with the help of UI and UX tools. And also we’d like to make the site visitor want to try every tea category and every kind of tea.
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