Gas Time

The best network of gas equipment installation and maintenance stations in Ukraine
Brand scaling support from one box to a network of stations

Corporate website
for Vremya Gaza

The site which is a real marketing dream. Allows not to lose a single lead and test marketing hypotheses on the fly. New landing pages are created directly from the admin panel in minutes based on more than 50 ready-made content blocks with ready-made design.
Web kit
The previous website did not fully solve tasks faced by Vremya Gaza marketing. The implementation of each new idea resulted in voluminous long in time and big in cost works. Having gone through a complete rebranding several years ago, the site nevertheless remained on the old software platform. To keep up with the pace of business development, the new site had to be much more flexible, fast and adaptable.
of the project
Migration of 100% data, including numerous SEO tricks from the previous version of the site
Synchronization with CRM
Pre-installed content block templates to create pages of any configuration in minutes
Site core - Drupal 8
We started by defining business requirements, developing a Customer Journey Map, custom scenarios and information structure of the site. All unique pages of the site were developed and approved, first at the wireframe view and then at prototypes.
New pages are assembled like in a website builder - in a few minutes
Cross-device. Sophisticated design of all elements for perfect displaying on any device, primarily mobile
Emphasis on photo and video content
More than 50 ready-made block templates in corporate identity
Payback calculator linked to a database of 52,000 cars. Selection of the same car as a user has from the Vremya Gaza portfolio
Creative director
We started with business analysis
When there is a competent customer on the client side, who works on an equal footing with the agency on the meaning part of the project and clearly understands what result needs to be achieved, this is a completely special quality of work and great pleasure. We started with business analysis, combined the client's expertise in the product, market and our target audience knowledge with our expertise in digital and client experience. As a result, we got not just a beautiful website, but a powerful marketing platform, which, I am sure, will make business growth easier, faster and in more technological way.
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Branding for the LPG stations network

Well-built business processes, service, cleanliness, perfect order โ€“ these are the essence of the Vremya Gaza brand. At each station the client may take a stunning coffee and wait for his car in a comfortable client zone. The identity reflects this atmosphere of care, as well as fire in the hearts and drive of those peoples who work for the company.
From pens to
box branding
The Vremya Gaza branding is one of the largest with more than 300 different points of use. These are stations, cars, banners and posters, brochures, service books, stickers, advertising layouts, business cards, uniforms, etc. This list is constantly expanding in new vectors where a brand presence is needed.
Space ergonomics is built around the comfort of employees and visitors
3D visualization helps to make sure that everything is comfortable, on its place and in the same style
We support identity in printed materials, graphics and digital
"Gas to your tank" is an unofficial slogan invented by the Vremya Gaza team
Art Director
The corporate identity evolves with the brand
Over the ten years that Vremya Gaza has been our client, we have seen the growth of this business from a few garages to almost ten stations in Kiev and the region. The warm and lamp-like corporate identity that we created in a far 2012 has changed with the business to reflect the values of the company. It's an exciting adventure to watch the visual evolution of a brand. Do you know what's even more exciting? Be a part of this transformation.
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