EasyConf conference website

Landing page for a commodity business conference. Web. Drive. Goods.
practical conf
The challenge was not only to make the cool site, but also to complete it on time. The New Year holidays fell in the middle of the project, so it wanted to drag us into the abyss of serenity. But nothing came of it. But everything worked out for us.
Turnkey implementation in 1.5 months
Configured end-to-end analytics, goals, micro conversions
Creative director
Those who are engaged in the commodity business do not complain about the lack of educational content
However, finding something really valuable is so difficult – hundreds of webinars, lectures, conferences promising a land of milk and honey, and in the end – argh! and "Buy Our Top Secret Course For $ 1000, Today At Half Price." The organizers of EasyConf attracted real entrepreneurs with successful case studies as speakers. Our task was to make it clear to users that this is about real experience, it’s all about working things. Real business, no bullshit. The organizers and we focused not only on what we say, but also on how we say. Meaningfully. Specifically. Frankly. And xtra-chairs were delivered on the day of the conference.
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