Architectural studio, where the projects of "French Quarter", residential complex "Manhattan" and dozens of other impressive objects were born
To develop a customer attracting platform quickly and launch promotion

Architectural bureau website

When you are an architecture company with 20 years’ experience and dozens of stunning projects, it is a very good idea to show all of this to new potential customers online.
Architect Serhiy Varyvoda come to us for customers attraction from digital channels. We started with the main stuff – creating a website, a digital platform that initially would become the main link in the conversion funnel.
Design at the wireframe level, then – prototype and finally – design layouts
Creative director
Fast start
Architectural projects are somewhat reminiscent of sites. There is an engineering component, there is a design of facades. In the case of the Varyvoda architectural bureau, we were inspired by the architectural solutions of the studio and focused on content delivery and UX. This project with all the content in two languages was done quickly – in a couple of months after agreeing on all the details, the site began to attract customers.
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