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Developing your own memorable language of communication with the audience - visual and communication

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There are thousands of dentistries with the word “dent” in their name, wrapped in green or blue. Their chairs do not have time to get cold between patients.

But when a doctor does her job with great love and opens his own business to help patients, the identity should be in the same tone as the values of the doctor.

A place where an individual approach ceases to be a replicated marketing phrase, and becomes the main knot to which the business is tied.
Gold is a metal but soft. Thick woolen fabrics are stain resistant and the warmest
Infographics are born out of basic identity patterns
The guest of the clinic is the guest first of all, and then the patient
Humanity doesn't make us less professional
Art director
This dentistry is special and the design highlights that
Traditional visual identification - tooth, green/blue "medical" color - loses its value because the main channel of modern dentistry (except for personal recommendations) is the Internet and there is no one especially to attract from the street. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to make a distance from the traditional visual style for medical companies. And although health is not a field for games, looking from the peculiarities of the business itself, and not the peculiarities of the market, opens up completely different dimensions for creativity.
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