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Hundreds of thousands of visitors brought together by common interests, the most important of which is the interest to your online resource. That is why a portal, apart from content, which is its first priority, must have a plenty of services to make your visitors’ time enjoyable and fun.

The key task of a portal is to attract new visitors and turn them into regular ones.

In the beginning there was concept…

Good and successful projects are born during planning. For portals, .

Before we start, we conduct preliminary studies and analysis, which allow us to form a working concept.

The concept provides answers to the following questions:

WHO our visitors are
WHAT they expect to find
WHAT we may give them now and in the future

A portal’s success depends on how clearly its future goals are defined. It is these goals that form the final result.

9 key issues

we solve to complete and launch a portal successfully:

  1. Portal development strategy
  2. Product model
  3. Categorization
  4. Project structure
  5. User services
  6. Editing policy
  7. Promotion channels
  8. Assessment of number of visitors
  9. Commercialization ways

Creating portals is an interesting and difficult task. For our team, it means involvement of all resources into the project as well as full dedication of every employee to matters of their competence throughout all life stages of your portal—planning, construction and promotion.