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Online store

To create a website for an online store is formally quite an easy task.
But what in case if it’s really needed to create an efficient e-commerce platform which:
is able in limited deadlines to show desirable website traffic estimates and sales volume?
has comfortable interface to operate, navigate and support;?
simplify and atomize your E Commerce business?

At Industrial Media we are just really loving it - to craft efficient digital platforms for building successful Ecommerce channels.

Juicy titbitsfor your clients…

Loud and clear

We present a product in a want-to-buy way. Everything—design, structure, texts and site tools help visitors choose and buy products. Enjoying themselves at that!

Buying is easy

We enable client utilization of any pay system (Internet acquiring), employ features of online support, callback, SMS notifications about order status.

Sales and special offers

Generated newsletters about your special offers will increase your sales due to repeat purchases. After such mailings, up to 40% of your clients might buy something again.

Loyalty schemes

Win your customer’s heart and wallet! Let them buy more through saving more. Simple or complex*, any loyalty scheme drives your sales.

SN titbits

Communicate with your clients in their comfort zones—social networks. To this end, we will integrate all necessary plugins, set up and design your public pages in Facebook, Google+, VKontakte, etc.

*Thus,Ikra Kamchatka , one of our clients, developed a loyalty scheme with 20 levels of discounts and bonuses, which we integrated into their website. Its output has covered all expenses manifold.

.…and healthy goodiesfor your business

Continuous increase of conversions

We monitor the statistics and customers behavior, conduct A/B testing, analyze efficiency of advertising channels, improve usability.


Integration with 1C system, VoIP, export of your products to aggregation sites, parsers, products batch upload to databases and many other services to make your business processes simple and clear.

SEO at development stage

We analyze the search demand peculiarities and integrate them into your site structure. All internal optimization will be done before your product is even launched.

Store and content management

Modify, add new products and other content, manage and track your orders—everything is clear and user-friendly for any of your employees with basic computer skills.

Steps for creating an Online Shopping Website

Start up with:
  • a research analysis of the desirable niche commercial potential
  • competitive market analysis
  • target audience needs analysis
  • business plan development
  • site concept and development strategy
Design for:
  • site functional structure and SEO-analysis
  • online shop interface
Project development:
  • Unique design
  • Iterative functional elements execution from site
  • CRM / ERP synchronization/ storage
  • Product prelaunch and launch
Marketing and promotion:
  • Full advertising campaigns
  • SEO-optimization
  • Contextual advertising
  • Media campaigns and retargeting
  • Social networks
  • Trademarks aggregators
  • Coupon Sites
  • Direct-marketing
Site content:
  • Site content
  • Copywriting and / or rewriting
Marketing Analysis:
  • Marketing Channel Performance Optimization
  • Customer behavior analysis and KPI improvement
Customer Support Services:
  • Content management
  • Technical support
  • Regular KPI optimization works

We are proud to have created successful online stores for our clients, including:

KLINKERBUD UkraineThe leader in clinker trading
VIP KLINKER LLCthe leading supplier of exclusive ceramics
TOPSthe top seller of useful presents and home gadgets
TEXTILEthe leading brand of home textiles and linens