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Corporate website


Users should not have to care how your company is organized, so they should not be able to deduce your organizational structure from the structure of your website. The site structure should be determined by the tasks users want to perform on your site. 

Jakob Nielsen

The key feature of a corporate website lies in the fact that it should serve to a big amount of diverse business objectives in the same time and do it efficiently for business. A corporate site is aimed for different audiences. These are not only your clients, but also your dealers, stakeholders, the press, business partners as well as your company’s employees. Besides its main purpose of increasing the sales revenues, every site should offer for the online visitors the things they came for.

Business objectives

Corporate website must contain ALL information and materials about your services and products in the best manner, as well as the means to order it from you or your dealers. If you produce technically sophisticated products, a configurator might be also created for you.
It is your site—its looks, structure, usability and informational completeness—that will shape your corporate image on the Internet. It is impossible to rule the market without investing efforts and resources into building and development of your site.
Your site will enable your dealers, partners and clients to keep in touch with you and have a personalized access to all necessary files—pricelists, marketing materials, documentation, etc.
This is what makes your business life easier. Your site can handily sort out lots of business processes: invoices generation, internal and external mailings as well as assistance with planning, accounting and clients support.
The corporate website can be used to fulfill different strategic objectives.
But whenever we are crafting a website for you, we always will keep in mind that it should serve its main purpose –
to BUILD YOUR BRAND for market success.
Thus, all our efforts are aimed to provide you with:
Well designed, user-friendly interface with streamlined structure and flawless concept
Catchy, memorable and inviting web design
Smartly structured framework based on information architecture, tailored to the company's business and goals
Unique and valuable content with the objective of driving profitable customer action

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