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SEO promotion

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO promotion is a complex work over your site and its representation on the Internet aimed at attracting target audience from search engines.

SEO gives you:

the main stream of target visitors—up to 80% of the whole site audience
even if you actively employ other promotion channels, the natural organic traffic from search engines will bring most of your visitors.
high conversion rate of visitors into customers
by typing a search query, a person expresses their intention related to your product. If you give your visitors what they look for, they will be more likely to perform a desired action, e. g. make a call, register, sign up for a newsletter, etc.
the lowest cost of visitors/customers
the high number and interest of SEO-brought visitors in your offer makes SEO investments not only paying, but turns them into one of the most efficient marketing instruments.
a strategic resource
SEO is truly a 24/7 instrument. Its output grows incrementally.
a leader’s image
customers perceive a highly ranking site in search engines as a natural indicator of leadership.

SEO in Industrial Media for your business

This is not only:
But also...
site rank
a smart and nice-looking snippet, which increases a number of transitions to the site from current position.
clear list of queries
continuous tracking of search queries efficiency, deletion of ineffective ones, selection and testing of new queries.
site optimization exclusively for promotable queries
every site section or every page is optimized in order to increase the number of visitors even if they also visit non-promoted pages.
technical conformity with search engines regulations
we observe all technical requirements of search engines in a way that does not negatively affect your site design, usability, its aesthetical and commercial qualities.
pages promotion
your site, its content, testimonials, events, special pages and meta information will be displayed in search results for images, maps, videos, etc.

For you to ultimately benefit from our SEO services, our specialists will:

draft a content strategy for your site
develop the easiest and most optimal site structure
find ways to improve user (behavioral) site factors
find technical errors on your site and fix them

Project team

Your site will be promoted by a team of professionals:

Core team
  • project manager
  • SEO optimizer
  • SEO specialist
Auxiliary team
  • content managers
  • programmer
  • marketing expert / analyst
  • usability specialist

How is the service cost calculated?

We study your business in great detail
painstakingly compile the list of queries
offer the optimum budget
draft a site promotion strategy

Our offer is always founded on your objectives and priorities of your business development.

Result due dates

How soon your project will achieve results depends on:

  • your website current status (meeting the search engines requirements)
  • SEO history of your site
  • competition in your market niche

By becoming our client, you will get:

a competent partner who will do more than your business needs for development and site adaptation to requirements of search engines.