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Advertising campaigns

«Advertising campaign» sounds like something complex, serious and costly. In fact, it is.

However, the output of a carefully planned and considered advertising campaign that we at Industrial Media develop and conduct always justifies or even exceeds one’s expectations.

Advertising campaigns can not only bring the desired number of visitors who are excited about your offer. Your advertisements will also be shown to those, who are currently indifferent to your offer. In the future, those viewers are very likely to join the section of your clients.

How do we conduct advertising campaigns?

Defining the target audience
Who do you see as you potential client?
What are their interests, professions and locations?
Answering these questions will allow to set concrete aims and develop effective instruments, which are adapted straight to your target audience.
Calculating budget
A vital issue?
It is evident that brought customers have their price. You hire us to bring the highest number of customers at the lowest cost possible.
Media planning
This is the most interesting part for our marketing experts.
When our audience and its cost is already known, our marketing experts start studying the advertising channels and develop the most effective ways for your business to interact with a potential customer.
Developing promotional materials
This is the most interesting part for our creative team.
We develop the core concept, then create banners, layouts for publishing, branded backgrounds for sites, landing pages—you name it.
Publication of promo materials and timing control
This is the most responsible stage of the campaign.
To be in the right time in the right place—that is the guarantee of success. Advertising campaign is like a poker game: all cards must not be dealt at once. The strict and rigorous quality and timing control ensures 50% of success of the whole campaign.
The initial advertising campaign report is a massive table, filled to the brim with all sorts of indicators. We carefully analyze all that data and, if necessary, adjust methods, terms and publication modes.
Reports allow us to keep an eye on the ball throughout the campaign, thus turning the good results into excellent ones.