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Web design

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.

David Ogilvy

Our web design enables you to sell even an elephant

At Industrial Media we develop bright and catchy advertising ideas which can sell your product like hotcakes. Your commercial success is the only indicator which we admit as true acknowledgement of our job performance.
We believe the web sites we craft are rich in graphics, pleasing and elegant with well thought-out structure. But these are just the accompanying steps towards the most vital – to achieve your business goals and objectives.

What do you think is the difference between ordering a website design and a portrait?

We will carefully study and fulfill all your wishes and desires for the website style. Though with tight collaboration with your ideas, the site design concept, finally presented by our team, may, however, provide a somewhat different structure layout from what you might have imagined, but will certainly correspond to such, which satisfy every navigation comfort and information needs of your future website users. We ensure that your e-commerce website will deliver easy and comfortable shopping and engage your visitors with a flawless browsing experience. The visitor navigation convenience together with user-friendly interface is a non-negotiable priority for us.

 And as Bob Baxley puts it :

Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.

We are happy to see that our work inspires the customers to come back to us with new, more challenging assignments and to make referrals to their friends and business partners.

Creativity in a strategic manner

We start the development of any site design from analyzing what tasks should it carry out and with the question, like: what do you hope to accomplish by building this site with our help? Thus, the web design starts with technical specification and design provided by a usability-specialist. This is a scheme representation of a future site.

It is the Technical Design to determine what elements exactly will help the users on each of the website pages:

quickly get oriented and move around
to notice and comprehend advertising messages on a site
to get encouraged to buy your product
to find answers to the quastions they are looking for

Creativity vs Sanity or Creative Sanity

During brainstorming sessions our Industrial Media team is capable not only to generate bright ideas but also to have courage to reject sometimes most mind-blowing of them for the sake of focusing on your product benefits and not solemnly on the level of ad sensation.
As there is always a risk that this kind of messages may turn out too sophisticated or unusual that some of your target audience might not make them out or even like.

It is important for us that your every prospect was not only our impressed with the mind-blowing creativity level of your advertising agency but could comprehend fully the benefit of using your product or services you want to offer. We pursue the goal not only to entertain your audience with high- level creative marketing but, what is more important, we do our best concentrating to convey the value of your company to the others.