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Сorporate identity

If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.

 - Terry Pratchett

How to introduce yourself to future clients and turn them into friends?

For this, your company needs a unique and recognizable identity, which your clients, partners and competitors will remember.


corporate identity
increases sales and makes a brand recognizable.

Recognizability, driven by quality of your product or service,—this is what creates loyal audiences and promotes your business in the end. Corporate identity developed by Industrial Media will let your company address your customers personally in a single visual space.

Visual brand identities VS your sales

The higher is your brand awareness , the less you have to spend on placing commercials, as any stuff is actually able to promote your brand itself with just your labeled identity logo on it - branded bags, mugs, pens, business card holders, envelopes, corporate letterheads and etc.

Our Brand Identity Design Services:

  • Business Logo
  • Corporate fonts
  • Color schemes solutions
  • Additional graphic
These corporate style elements we provide to you with a short brand book which describes all the technical aspects and features of the layout.

Also, if necessary:

Web Design
Branding, Stationary Design
Business cards, forms, folders, envelopes
Promo items, branded souvenirs, corporate gifts
mugs, product cards, pens, key holders, writing pads
POS-materials creation & production
Stickers, wobblers, price tags, posters, labels
Outdoor Advertising Assets
Billboards, posters, banners,flags, roll-ups, free-standing floor displays, promo stands
Full Prepress Services
Leaflets catalogues, booklets
Customized Printing & Embroidery Services
decals on vehicles, logo patches on clothes, etc
Graphic Design Services
"Corporate character", animated illustrations, icons, 3-D images
Creative Package Design