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Flash banners

When it comes to online advertising, well designed flash banners are the ones you need-eye catching, colorful and engaging. That is why we are more than happy to create appealing animated visuals for our customers again and again.

Mostly, we use banners as one of the tools of advertising campaigns as well as a promotional tool on our clients’ websites.

Banners in advertising campaigns: the intrigues and stark realities

Required: not that often, but in large quantities

The type and content of your banner is largely defined by marketing strategy. Intriguing banners will attract lots of people to a landing page, while banners with direct and immediate message will draw highly targeted visitors. Furthermore, we take into account the specifics of advertising spaces and/or networks your banner will be placed on.

And certainly, we easily adapt banners to any dimensions and technical requirements.

This is interesting: in order to reach maximum conversion, we make and resize up to 20 banners per one advertising campaign, thinking over every little detail.

Several examples of banners for the ad campaign:

To find, attract and invite the visitors to the SAP event (Top management and CEO)
CTR: 0,16%
Event objective:
To attract visitors for the SAP event (team-leaders & senior executives).
CTR: 0,17%
Event objective:
To attract the home owners who are about to plan the roof insulation to participate in promo activities.
CTR: 0,2%
Event objective:
Promotion and marketing of the new product OpenScape Office by Siemens to the CIOs, CEOs, and to the other top- level management of the Ukrainian companies.
CTR: 0,13%
Objectives and goals:
To attract potential customers to the web site of our Client. To motivate to place a purchase order for klinker.
CTR: 0,2%
To attract the target audience to the MBA Open Day event
CTR: 0,10%
To increase the brand loyalty and generate maximum sales leads during the product launch of new models APC BACK – UPS (online campaign)
CTR: 0,2%
To attract visitors to the MBA Open Day held by the Institute
CTR: 0,19%

Making a Flash Banner for your site: find unlimited creativity with us!

Required: frequently and to the point

Any of your business events — a special offer, sale or unique benefit — will charm your visitor if ‘dressed’ in Flash.

On your site you will never have limitations on banner’s size, which Internet advertising campaigns always impose. That is why you are free to create truly original, striking and memorable reels with complex plot and interactive elements.


New Year interactive greeting campaign
Campaign for offer klinker to the customers
Inviting campaign to take part in voting process
Announcing incredible sell-out campaign
Inviting campaign to get presents from the Partners
Themed design for the streamer ( banner)
One more campaign dedicated to the beginning of the autumn season
And one more themed winter sell-out
Keeps on same prices till the end
It is awaiting for you this winter

Flash Banner making as art of sales

We strive to make every banner the most cool: and beautiful, and efficiently.  And for different purposes, we use a variety of tools:

Interactive elements to make it interesting

Bitmaps for the most stunning visuals

Scripts for ad networks with special requirements 

Vector images to the minimum weight of the banner

GIF-animation for customers who have not install Flash-player into their device

Complex animation for most realistic effects

With flash we do a lot of "tasty buns" which certainly will please our customers.

Cool flash-animation by our designers and animators which created with the ideas of copywriters and marketers miscalculations will look great and work for the growth of your business.